We are all searching for those makeup and skin care products that work well with our skin but, most importantly, I feel that most of us search for products that work but don’t break our banks! Well, we did the search, we tested out the products and here is a list of affordable products that worked!

Mario Badescu facial spray – With Aloe herbs and Rosewater

This facial spray works well with all skin types. It has many uses like setting your makeup, shooting dehydrated skin and giving you a quick boost. All you have to do is spray a light mist in your face and/or neck whenever you needed it and done! It comes in a full size (4 fl oz) or travel size ( fl oz). This is definitely a must have and the price ranges from $7- $12.

The rose water is believed to help with redness and irritated skin.

The Mario Badescu facial spray with aloe herbs and rosewater is not the only one they have available. You can also find their facial spray with aloe, cucumber and green tea or their spray with aloe, chamomile and lavender which also helps hydrate skin.

The cucumber has Vitamin C, green tea has antioxidants, the chamomile is said to help reduce acne breakouts.

NYX foundation – Stay matte but not flat foundation

This foundation is available in 30 different shades. It ranges from Ivory to Skin dark and goes from $6 – $7.50. It provides full coverage with a matte finish and is also an oil-free and water based formula.

Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser – A best-seller!

This favorite skin cleanser can be used by all skin types and can be used on the face and the body. It’s mild, the formula is not irritating. Also, it cleans, moisturizes and softens your skin! Heck yes! This product has won many awards and it’s truly a must have. It’s available in different sizes like 2oz, 4oz, 8oz and 16oz. You can start with the 2oz to give it a try of you don’t believe us and hundreds of others. No, but seriously, it’s a great idea if you don’t want to commit to something so big and it’s cheaper too.
Prices vary from $2.97 to $13.99.

Nature Republic aloe vera gel – soothing gel

The Nature Republic aloe vera soothing gel has a 92 percent Aloe Vera leaf extract and it helps moisturize your skin. It makes your skin feel smooth, firm and refreshed. This product can be used all over the face and body which could help make skin healthy. You won feel sticky since it’s fast absorbing and it’s great for sensitive skin. This is priced at $6.60 on their website.

Garnier – Micellar cleansing water

This makeup remover doesn’t require rubbing your eyes or hurting yourself in order to get that long-lasting makeup of your face! This is an all-in-1 cleanser without any oil, alcohol or fragrance. Perfect for all skin types including sensitive skin. Rinsing is not requires but you can do so if you wish. You use this on your eyes, lips, nose and cheeks. Okay, you can use it all over your face. No probs.

The Garnier Micellar Clearing water comes in different formulas.

The waterproof – for those stubborn makeup you want to last of day but don’t want to spend all night removing.

For Sensitive skins – No sulfate or parabens just smooth cleaning.

Mattifying- For oily skin. Helps remove oil and makeup for clean skin.

You can also find them in travel sizes. Price ranges from $3.44 to $10.

Thayer’s Witch Hazel Toner- With Rose Pedal

This Witch Hazel Toner is alcohol free and has an amazing rose pedal fragrance (you can also find it fragrance free). It helps constrict pores, clean pores, clear skin, prevent breakouts and its an astringent and an antiseptic. The aloe vera is certified organic. You can find it with either Rose Petal, Cucumber or Lavender. This is a great product which has help many with their skin. It’s easy to use and leaves a great feeling. Prices vary from $3.99 to $9.99.

This small list includes some of our favorite, affordable products. We always like to remind everyone that products don’t always work the same for all of us but this list does include items that are made for all skin types and have wonderful reviews from us and many other skin care and make up fans.

Please let us know which one is your favorites by leaving a comment. Thanks!

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  1. Hello,

    I just popped round by accident because I was looking for a brush.
    But thank heavens now I know what I will buy for my wife’s birthday next month.
    She loves cleansing waters like that ones.
    Thank you for this nice article!

    Best regards,

  2. This article is exactly what I have been looking for! I am really a novice when it comes to makeup and I have never worn much of it throughout my life, mostly because I’m just too lazy to put in the work of putting it on. But I do like to wear simple things like foundation and mascara when I go to parties or events.

    I really want to try a new foundation because the kind I currently use doesn’t seem to last long enough for me throughout the day. But of course, I’m not rolling in the dough so I can’t just pick up a bunch of different expensive makeup products to test them out. So thank you for doing it for me and reporting the results! I am going to give the NYX foundation a try because that price is amazing. If it works for me I will be so happy!

  3. Edy

    I think I could spend a few bucks on this site. lol There’s some really good prices. I buy makeup and cleansers like crazy. lol I’ll be back latter to look more through everything. Nice website to. Looks very pretty and nicely set up. Good job!

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