It’s always fun finding top beauty gadget for makeup and skin care lovers online and even more fun learning about these items. I love finding useful tools to make my makeup life easier and better. Sometimes, all I need is better lighting, a better mirror or something as simple as a different multi-function organizer. It all depends on what my beauty goals are, what goal I want to reach or the location I’m at the moment.

For example, my current room is extremely dark, therefore, a better makeup mirror with lights becomes extremely handy. When this happens, I begin the search for what would work best in my room. It could be a small mirror with lights or it could be to just find an awesome ring light. Good lighting means better makeup for most of us. I cannot do my face without messing up if I can’t see it clearly. Props to those who do their makeup flawlessly without good lighting. I have tried it before, not going to lie but it wasn’t pretty. My eyebrows were darker than what they should be and my eyeshadow was all over the place. Not what I wanted. But for every situation there is a solution or in this case, a beauty gadget that can help.

There is always something for all of us out there but some of these items just stand out. I’m not going to say that every gadget out there is worth it because, obviously, not everything works as they should or are not even useful at all. I’m going to stick with those that work, are useful and are worth having at home, car or wherever it is you need it most.

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Best of beauty gadgets!

I’m going to start with my favorite one. Remember how I said that my room is very dark? Well, I decided to invest in the item that I mentioned: a ring light! This wonderful gadget had been one of my favorites finds so far and not just for me but also for 96% of those other beauty lovers out there that have purchased it. Again, completely useful for those with bad lighting in their makeup rooms or areas.

The ring light by Inkeltech has many different features and can be a great tool for those that make YouTube videos (even if their not makeup related), Tiktok video creators, makeup artists or even live streamers. Also, it’s a wonderful tool for selfie lovers.

This product comes with the mirror, a stand (tripod), phone holder, a selfie controller and an IR remote controller. It can be used indoors or outdoors since it does not need to be plugged in. You can either use it with batteries or plug it in, your choice! Another cool feature is that it has a battery life indicator. It will tell you when it’s running out of batteries so you can avoid having the lights turn off in the middle of you doing your videos.

The Inkeltech ring light can change colors via the IR remote or by using the knob on the stand. You can choose between cold, white light or warm light by adjusting the color temperature from 3,000k to 6,0000k. There are 7 different modes of lighting to give you a chance to get just the best for different scenarios. The warm light really does wonders for hiding blemishes.

You can even place your phone on a rotating (360 degrees) phone holder that’s suitable for most smartphones. This makes it easy to adjust the phone in the perfect angle, set the lights to warm or change the lighting to your preference and get that wonderful selfie you’ve been craving for.
Additionally, you can use the selfie remote to directly take pictures.

This is truly one of those gadgets that I’ve been completely satisfied with. I didn’t think it would work as great as it did and honesty had low expectations but it does a wonderful job in providing great lighting. There are other versions online that you can also check out. Like the Neewer Ring Light, which is currently the best-seller on Amazon. Additionally, there are smaller versions if you want to have one for the go but this one is definitely one of the best beauty gadgets available.

This second item seemed somewhat odd to be at the beginning but why not give it a try, right? This is the Zoreya 3 in 1 New TRIO Complexion Makeup Brushes. I always carry multiple makeup brushes in my makeup bags but there are times when I can only take a small purse with me and all those brushes can take up too much space. One brush for my eyebrows, another one for eyeshadow, one for my blush and a few others don’t always fit and I have to decide which ones to leave behind. Being honest, the only one I always take is my eyebrows brush. For some reason, I always mess up my eyebrows. It can be the best product on Earth and but I will most likely still mess it up. I don’t know what’s up with that but hey, I got my backup.

Anyway, this item has an angled brush, a sponge and a powder brush. It’s actually ticker than what I would’ve liked but it does make for a good travel option. It’s not the best but it has been helpful for traveling. Specially for those like me that tend to lose small travel items. If you’re in a car (not driving, of course) it can also be convenient because you don’t have to search around for your brushes. Just grab this 3-in-1 and your good to go.

They also come in different options. You can select one with an angled powder brush instead or one that includes a blending brush. It’s pretty creative, affordable and a good product for traveling. The one I enjoyed the most was the angled brush. Did the job fine and it’s a good size.

This third product is one of those beauty gadgets that may look like they won’t do much but has actually provided great results. There are many reasons to use this Ice Roller by Esarora such as helping with pain relief and puffiness but it doesn’t just stop there. I bought this originally to help reduce those dark circles under my eyes. Sometimes I don’t sleep much and they look pretty bad and for that reason I decided to try it. This product has more than 2,000+ positive reviews so my guess was that it must be good for something.

Let me tell you, this simple beauty gadget did help me reduce the look of dark circles and it also helped me when I had real bad headaches. I was amazed! I know that on the website it states that it helps with migraine but to me, that was something really hard to believe but it did help tone it down enough to be able to handle it and continue working. Some mention that it helped them remove wrinkles but I’m not 100% on that. My main focus was the dark circles and then headaches. To be honest, I didn’t pay much attention on my wrinkles when using this product.

The instructions are very simple and it’s super easy and convenient to use. All you have to do is remove the roller head from the handle and place it on a bag in the freezer. Wait for it to be cold enough to use and done! It’s very easy to clean and use! Additionally, placing it on the handle and removing it is very simple too. The item is not the strongest but I have had mine for a while and has not broken up yet. It may not seem like it but it’s pretty durable and easy to handle. This product is not meant to be heated.

This beauty gadget might be one you’ve seen a lot recently. It’s even used by many makeup and skin care gurus like Huda from Huda Beauty. This is a Derma Roller by Sdara Skincare and it’s purpose is to help with different facial issues such as acne and hyperpigmentation. It’s growing in popularity and this specific one is loved by more than 1000+ buyers and they uploaded the pictures to prove how it worked for them. I was honestly amazed of the changes this beauty gadget provides to your skin. It’s an affordable version but it does the trick! This microneedle has been featured on Glamour Magazine, Nordstrom Beauty Pop Up and Byrdie!

The product has small needles that poke into your skin and helps the production of collagen. This might help heal acne, remove wrinkles or fine lines, minimize hyperpigmentation and provide a healthy glow to your skin. It works best when paired with Vitamin C, which also has many wonderful benefits for the skin. It’s very easy to use but do not add too much pressure when using the product. It may worsen the situation if not used correctly.

For proper use, roll over the desired area about three or four times applying small amount of pressure. Afterwards, please soak the roller on alcohol to sanitize it. It is recommended to sanitize the roller before and after use and when finished, place it on the plastic case that is provided. After your finished, apply a good moisturizer or skin repair serum. Another important detail is to use it at least once a week or every two weeks. I wouldn’t use this product daily since you have to give your skin a change to allow collagen production and work its magic.

This top beauty gadget is also one that has kept on growing in popularity. This is the skin scrubber/scrapper by eDiva. This gadget helps with cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing your skin. Additional benefits includes removing blackheads, removing dead skin and lightens the skin. It’s also a great gadget for those that are looking to lift their skin since it basically gets your blood circulation to work in a way that will tighten your skin and as a result, you get healthier and firmer looking skin.

It works by gliding the cosmetic slice on your skin upwards and sideways. This helps clean your pores, firms your face muscles and helps your skin absorb moisture. It’s a great tool to remove dirt and excess oil, therefore, also removing blackheads. Additionally, it’s amazing at exfoliating and removing dead skin cells.

This gadget should be used two or three times for those with sensitive skin or once to two times for those with dry skin. It comes with its own travel bag and it can be charged anywhere. Even on your laptop! Very convenient for travel and very easy to use.

Best of Beauty Gadgets

All these gadgets provide great benefits for those who are looking for products that have great results and are pretty affordable. There continues to be a great deal of beauty gadgets being made to make our lives simpler but have the results of a beauty salon. A lot of these are made based on products or techniques that cost hundreds of dollars but can now be used at home for a fraction of the price.

These beauty gadgets should always be used as recommended and as the instructions states. Specially, if you want the best results possible. The ones mentioned are very simple to use and the directions are easy to follow which is also a big plus. There’s no need to spend a huge amount of time just trying to understand what to do. Additionally, they are convenient, great quality and highly rated.

Let me know if you have tried any of these best of beauty gadgets and if you loved it or not. If you haven’t heard about them before, is there one your interested in trying out? Leave me a comment, I would love to read about it.

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  1. Ami,
    Nice review on these awesome gadgets. I have blackhead on my nose, and did not really knew what to do, but this really gave me an insight on what to do!
    However, do you recommend anything else, that I might have to take into consideration?

    1. Hi, for removing blackheads, I would recommend trying a blackhead vacuum such as this one before recommending any blackhead extraction tools since they’re less likely to cause damage if not used properly. You can change the strength if you want to be more careful. The extraction tool can cause damage to the skin if not used properly. You can also follow some tips on how to get rid of blackheads here Thank you!

  2. Hi AWESOME site and info! I love makeup and makeup gadgets, I NEED the ring light and ice roller, I feel like I wake up puffy more often now, so that looks like a great one. Also my lighting is just terrible in my bathroom and bedroom. I can’t wait to read more and browse your site.I look forward to reading more from you in the future:), Thanks for this quality content that a lot of us need!!

  3. Kat

    Hi, Great info listed here. I think you’ve mentioned so many that are relevant to me. I love the idea of the ring light, and am impressed with how many features it has. As I’m getting older, I’m also needing to take notice of the wrinkles (instead of ignore them), so the Derma roller with the collagen release seems to be a handy tool that can help with that. Very helpful :). Thanks for creating such a useful and practical post xx

  4. Hi,

    What a great review of these nifty gadgets to make our lives easier.
    I’m 42 woman and notice my skin changing on my face 🙁 The Derma Roller by Sdara Skincare is of interest to me and I was quite impressed at how inexpensive it is. Going to definitely keep that in mind. I love the options you chose to review in your article, I actually hadn’t known that any of them existed before reading your article.

    Great Job. I’ll be bk to visit your site soon 🙂

    All the best

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