If you love makeup and always like to carry some around with you, it’s important to invest in the perfect makeup bag to maintain your products organized and to help avoid damage. When you go around having a pretty good amount of makeup products or skin care products in your purse, you risk spilling, breaking or damaging some products. That’s why it’s a good idea to search for the makeup bags that will fit your needs.

One bag is not enough when you like to change your makeup products depending on the event or just have too much going around. I always have two makeup bags in my purse. One with all the makeup products for the day and another one with some products I think I may need and some skin care items that are important to carry around like moisturizers.

It has happened before that I go to reach a product from my purse and find my wallet, sun glasses and other random stuff covered in power or something else. That is never fun. Specially considering all the product wasted, the clean up and having to deal with the mess in public. This is another reason why makeup bags exist.

It’s also convenient to have a bigger makeup bag for when you travel. It keeps the items organized and it helps prevent broken products when you place the bag in your luggage. Some even carry extra protection for this very reason. Imagine, traveling miles away and realizing your makeup broke and your clothes are now covered in different products. Horrible, right? Well, check out these wonderful options and well rated makeup bags.

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Small makeup bags – For travel or just to keep in your purse

This absolutely gorgeous and affordable travel makeup bag is just what you need to get that glam, marble look and carry all your makeup and skin care needs. It’s lightweight, portable and just the right size to use inside your purse or just to take with you to a party. Additionally, it’s waterproof and it’s easy to clean. Perfect for you phone, makeup and brushes.

This is the makeup bag of your dreams.

This is the must have makeup bag of the summer! With its beautiful cactus design and perfect size for your purse, this bag will be everything you need to maintain your purse organize and add the products you need to touch up your makeup. It’s lightweight, durable and portable! Also, the price is something you can’r beat! Beautiful bag and affordable too? Sign me up!

These are for all the unicorn lovers out there. These creative, unicorn makeup bags will make your magical makeup dreams come true. They are cute, affordable and very useful. It’s fashionable and would look good all year round. It’s a 3 pack and the only difficult decision will be which one to take for the day.

Large makeup bags – For organizing all your makeup

This large makeup bag comes with a removable mirror and as a bonus, it includes a makeup brush cleaner. It’s big enough for your products and has different compartments to keep all your makeup organized. The dividers are completely adjustable and can be set up however you like. Additionally, it’s durable and functional. It has a lifetime guarantee and has over 900+ five star reviews on Amazon! You can find it in two different sizes and colors.

This bag includes a toiletry bag, long-lasting zippers and multiple compartments for different storage. It’s easy to access, convenient and incredibly affordable. It even has a hook to hang at the hotel, bathroom or wherever is convenient for you. Additionally, it’s high-quality and waterproof resistant.

Perfect for those makeup artist on the go! This large makeup bag is an absolute lifesaver. It carries a big amount of makeup products and it keeps everything safe and in place. It comes with a shoulder strap to make traveling easier and you can rearrange the compartments to customize your style. Additionally, it’s durable, easy to clean and it’s multi-function. With this makeup bag, you don’t need anything else. Add it to you list of the makeup bags you need.

The makeup bags you need – 3 Piece sets!

Hello Gorgeous! This is one for all those makeup lovers that love makeup and a nice motivating quote with beautiful colors. This 3 pack makeup bag set includes different sizes for different needs. It’s high-quality material and zipper closures. This would also make a great gifts.

This Marilyn Monroe inspired makeup bags comes in a set of three. It includes a small bag shaped like lips, a medium-sized bag and a large one with the face of the gorgeous Monroe. It’s lightweight, waterproof and chic. It’s high-quality and different sizes is just what you need for your makeup products and even those bigger skin care products!

This colorful, 3 piece makeup bag is great for dividing into different needs. The smaller one is perfect for lipsticks; the medium one is perfect for products like foundations; the larger one is amazing for storing skin care products. These tend to be bigger but the size of the bag is actually perfect for those items. It’s rated five stars and is another high-quality bag. The colors stand out which makes it perfect for makeup.

Tips on what to store in the makeup bags you own

For makeup it’s great to add:

  • Lipstick and lipgloss
  • Mirror
  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Blush
  • Eyebrow pencil
  • Highlighter
  • Primer
  • Setting Spray
  • Mascara

Skin care Products I always carry:

It’s important to always add sunscreen when going out even if its just for a few minutes. I always like to carry whatever I am wearing at the time and a little extra. For skin care I always have my favorite products with me and most times I carry a travel size bottle. If the brand doesn’t carry travel sizes of your favorite product, you can always find empty, travel bottles from Walmart, fill them up and take those instead.

Did you like one of the makeup bags I put on this list? If so, let me know in the comments!

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  1. Cool! I particularly loved the first and the second one you presented. They are not too big and I love the design.

    Although, bigger bags are a really good idea if you need to carry a lot of stuff so maybe I’ll take them in consideration too. They looked pretty cool too!

    Thank you for sharing these really nice make up bags 🙂

  2. Lyn

    It’s all gorgeous! Though it’s handy and convenient to have especially for traveling.
    I like the large one with different compartments to keep all the makeup organized with dividers that can be adjustable, that can be fitted to your brand makeups.

    As I am reading your review I was apt to buy a new one for my makeup kits.
    Thank you so much for sharing a nice review. I bookmarked this review.

    Best regards,

  3. Hi Ami great article about make up bags and it never dawn how much women to deal with when it comes to make up .I would not personally benefit from these bags but I have female friends and family that I can share with . I will also post and share on my Facebook page .

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