As always, we’re usually on the hunt for some great, high quality makeup products but that doesn’t mean we are willing to break our banks on makeup. We want to look amazing but we also have bills to pay, right? Now, there are many affordable makeup brands out there but does that mean they work? Why spend money on something cheap if you’ll end up paying more and more trying to find the right one? Well, I went on a search of truly affordable makeup brands! Not only are they cheap, but they work great too!

So, while I’m searching around finding and researching makeup, I realized how there are some of us that just rather pay for an expensive one and get it over with. It’s expensive that means it works, right? Well, it’s not always the case. Even some makeup gurus will agree. Sometimes, the brands may be highly rated but then out comes a product that is not up to everyone standards for the company. And hey, it happens. But, right now we are here to read about some great brands that offer high-quality make up for great, affordable prices. These are some of the best affordable makeup brands.



Truly affordable makeup brands – Great quality and prices


Why we love it:

It’s an affordable makeup brand that uses vegan ingredients and is cruelty-free. They believe in being inclusive and providing quality makeup products for everyone.

I also notice that they provide a few different forms of contact for the customer. It’s great because I believe that customer service is also an important part of owning a business.

You can find products under $4 and they usually have great sales going on. Great makeup for even lower prices! Who doesn’t love a good deal?

  • E.l.f. Cosmetics

Why we love it:

This makeup brand will always make our list on most affordable and great quality products. It’s also a cruelty- free brand and their prices start around $1. Even with their products being affordable, they still do a lot of great sales throughout the year.

The brand also sells a great variety of skin care products that will help your skin look amazing! Their moisturizers do actually work wonders.

I wrote an article on top products from e.l.f. cosmetics. You can read it here. It’s really a good affordable makeup brand that everyone will love!

  • L.A. Girl cosmetics

Why we love it:

This is another cruelty-free brand that can be found in Ulta or even at some drugstores. It’s very affordable and has a great selection of products and makeup brushes.

Their products have good reviews at It’s somewhat underrated but for me, their products have gotten better and they do sell nice eyeshadow palettes.


  • Colourpop Cosmetics

Why we love it:

This cosmetic company has made its way to our list once again. With their highly pigmented eye shadows and their great lipsticks, this company is definitely the way to go.

It’s also a cruelty-free brand that has a couple of products that have won awards. It’s also a great go to for their long-lasting liquid lipstick!

Check out our article of their Disney collection here.

  • AOA studios from MISS A

Why we love it:

You can find their makeup products on MissA stores or online. Most of their makeup and products are sold for $1 and let me tell you this, they are absolutely worth a chance.

The company is cruelty- free and provides a wide range of products. They even sell cute, small soap sheets you can take anywhere. They also sell long-lasting lipsticks, blushes and beautiful eyeshadows.

You can also ding some eyeshadow palettes for a little more than $1 but still pretty cheap.

Miss A store – a little more information

As previously mentioned, this company sells a brand called AOA studios but it’s not the only one they sell. They also have different brands available and all for just a $1. I have even purchased a 12 shades eyeshadow palette for that same price. Amazing, isn’t it? And let me tell you, I loved it!

They also sell jewelry and accessories at that price. You may not want to try them thinking that they’ll turn your fingers green, but I have tried a few and they look gorgeous and have not turned my fingers any color. I’ve even gotten many compliments on my rings bought from this store!

Another great thing I found on this store where the LUXE beauty care collagen and retinol cream. They are small enough for travel but they work very well! My face felt so soft and smooth after I tried them. I actually went back that week to get some more but they were sold out at the moment. Ugh!

It’s seriously worth checking out!


Truly affordable makeup brands are the best!

I consider savings to be a very important part of life but it’s always great to have a chance to buy products we love and continue our passion of makeup and skin care. It’s the very reason why I love writing about products that are convenient, affordable and specially those that are from cruelty- free brands!

Do you have a favorite affordable brand or product? Please let us know on a comment or you can even send us an email.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this information. I’ve previously been a MAC Cosmetics girl strictly because I both know and trust the brand, but their products are so pricey. If you could pick one brand from your list in this post to recommend, which one would you pick and why? I’m excited to begin exploring new options.

  2. Great post! I personally have found myself becoming more of a one stop shopper for make up and find myself picking up a lot of NYX products. I don’t consider myself very knowledgable about make-up… but with a price tag like $1, I might need to check out a few products from MissA! 🙂

  3. Rachel

    I used to buy expensive makeup when I was a beautician few years ago. I though that I had to buy the most expensive ones, like youtubers do, to look good. But, that changed when I was introduced to E.L.F. and I am so glad that you added it on your post. ELF is one of the best make-up out there and I’m so surprised that it still costs less. “Totally not complaining” lol

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