What is Organic Makeup?

You’ve probably seen many articles talking about the best organic makeup or seen labels that say they’re organic but do you understand exactly what organic makeup means and why does it matter?

Well, organic makeup is basically another way of saying that it’s made with natural ingredients. These products don’t typically include any harsh chemicals that can damage our skin or at least that’s the goal. Some products that are considered harsh chemicals are parabens, alcohol, chemical dyes, fragrances, and/or genetically modified ingredients. These may be some chemicals that are added to your makeup that may cause rash, dry skin or other reactions.

What is organic make up made of? Well, in fact, these skin care products (or organic makeup) tend to be those that are not tested on animals, that are made from herbs, flowers, vitamins, roots and/or essential oils. Some plants are used for their pigmentation to add colors to products like lipsticks or lip gloss.

Ingredients in organic makeup – what’s in your makeup?

Here is a list of some ingredients that might be used in organic makeup:

  • Argan Oil
    • It’s place of origin is Morocco and it’s often used for moisturizing the skin. It’s also rich in Vitamin E which helps with making the skin healthier.
    • It can help restore the texture of the skin, tone and restore elasticity.
  • Organic White Tea
    • This product may be found in some natural foundations. It’s said to provide protection from UV (ultraviolet light).
    • It’s rich in antioxidants
  • Silica
    • It’s a colorless compound found in nature as quartz.
    • It’s used to help products glide smoothly on skin.
  • Carnauba wax
    • Also called Palm wax
    • Hypoallergenic
    • It gives products a glossy and long-lasting application.
  • Ozokerite
    • Also known as earth wax
    • It’s used to increase viscosity in makeup
    • Also used as a binder to prevent separation

These are just a few ingredients that can be found in organic makeup. There is a wide variety of products that can be used. There is also many products that are used to provide pigmentation but some may not be vegan. For example, carmine is a popular product used to provide red pigmentation but it comes from the shell of a beetle. It’s a good reminder to always check the ingredients if you only want to use products that are completely natural and vegan.

Important reminder – why testing your products matter

It’s important to keep in mind that just because a product is organic or natural does not mean that it’s always going to work great with your skin. It has a pretty good chance since it doesn’t have harsh chemicals but what I mean by this, is that a product may be organic but may still cause an allergic reaction, redness or give you rashes. That’s why it’s important to do a small patch test. Just test it in a small part of your skin (probably small part of your hand) and verify that you don’t get an allergic reaction. Even if you don’t see a reaction right away, it’s best to keep it in check for a couple of hours to be safe.

What is the best organic makeup product?

There are many know makeup brands that are either completely organic or have a variety of organic products available on their websites. Below, I will provide some of the best organic makeup or skin care brands available!

Organic Makeup brands:

  • Dr. Hauschka
    • The manufacturers of Dr. Hauschka skin care started of developing natural medicines. However, in 1967, the company launched it’s first skin care products with the help of Elisabeth Sigmund, an esthetician.
    • This skin care company is known for its variety of natural and organic skin care products.
    • They sell products for different types of skin like normal, dry, sensitive or combination skin.
    • You can find more information about their ingredients here.
  • 100% Pure
    • The cosmetics from this company are colored from fruits, vegetables, plant pigments and tea.
    • They use natural fragrances and do not use fillers to water down their products or dilute their formulas.
    • This company is committed to minimize their carbon footprint by using solar power, recyclable materials and biodegradable packaging.
    • You can learn more here.
  • Juice Beauty
    • Created by Karen Behnke, a wellness entrepreneur, that became interested in personal care products when she became pregnant with her first child.
    • Known for their anti-wrinkle treatments and serums.
    • This beauty company sells award-winning high- performance skin care and makeup products that are organic.
    • They purchase ingredients from certified organic farmers.
    • You can read more here.
  • One Love Organics
    • The company’s award-winning skin care line is cruelty- free and certified by ECOCERT.
    • They never include GMO, parabens, PEG or synthetic perfumes in their products.
    • Awarded “The Gold Certified Business Seal of Approval’.
    • Learn more here.
  • Bite Beauty
    • This is an all organic beauty brand that uses 12 different oils to create their wonderful lipsticks.
    • The lipsticks are long-lasting and even includes antioxidants that are good for your lips.
    • They have their own Lip Lab where you can create your very own lipstick.
    • Click here for more information on their Lip Lab.
  • Beauty Bakerie
    • If you love desserts and natural makeup products then the Beauty Bakerie is for you. Their packages are just very creative and cute. Plus, their products work wonders!
    • Their products are vegan, paraben free and cruelty-free.
    • They also stated that their products are smudge proof!
  • Jane Iredale Cosmetics
    • This brand is cruelty-free, non-comedogenic, talc and phathalate free, parabens free and they have the ECOCERT seal.
    • Their multitasking makeup maximizes your beauty routine.
    • Their SPF products are recommended by The Skin cancer foundation as effective sunscreen.
    • Also, their products are dermatologist tested and are preserved using natural ingredients.

This is a small list of the many makeup and skin care brands that use natural or organic ingredients. There are many more available and many more products to learn about. Remember, if you have any doubts, it’s always good to check with the ingredient list. Some ingredients may sound harsh but they may have been written using their scientific names. Just because it sounds scary doesn’t mean it’s not natural or organic. Same in vice versa!

Please let us know what your favorite organic or natural makeup brand is!

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  1. Wow, this article is great! My girlfriend loves makeup, but I don’t think she knows enough about organic makeup, I really think it is a lot better to choose organic makeup if you like to wear makeup a lot because it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. I really liked your warning and tip on how to check if organic makeup doesn’t cause any allergic reaction. My girlfriend birthday in a week and thanks to your article I know what I’m buying her as a birthday present. Thank you for sharing this article.

    1. admin

      Hi there! Thanks for the comment! I’m very happy we could help! What you’re thinking is correct. Organic makeup doesn’t contain harmful chemicals, therefore, it might be better for your skin! 🙂

  2. Shannon

    Thanks for the information! I don’t often wear makeup but I’m definitely interested in the organic makeup industry, especially cruelty-free products. This is extremely helpful for future purchases!

  3. Great information. As I get older, I am really concerned about what is going on my skin and in my skin, so this is super exciting. Thanks for sharing product information and your thoughts about them. This will save me some time. Please keep sharing your make-up expertise.

  4. Derek

    Great article. It might seem strange having a bloke comment here. But I am looking for the very best organic makeup for sensitive skin – chemical and paraben free – 100% natural. For my girlfriend that has very sensitive skin, I bought some “organic” moisturiser a few weeks ago sadly the parabens irritated her skin.

    Some pointers in the right direction really appreciated.

    1. admin

      Hi and thank you! The RMS Beauty brand works well for sensitive skin and is paraben free. Also, their products are non-gmo, soy and gluten free, and cruelty free. Hope that helps!

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